Of the Sea - Vol. 3

by Rose Droll

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recorded in my bedroom in seattle in 2011.

here's what these songs are about:

1. just like a ghost: a guy
2. torches to the moon: a different guy
3. i can't stop: the first guy
4. over a week. the first guy
5. night of the foxes: my psyche
6. saturday night: the different guy
7. think you may, think you might: the first guy


released February 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Rose Droll San Francisco, California

we had a good time

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Track Name: Just Like a Ghost
i know i'm still written on your heart, signed in blood and jagged like a scar. endless like a solid silver ring. we're everywhere, we're everything. you don't know that you're still written on my heart. soft like rain and crooked like a scar. though you come and go just like a ghost, you'll always be my most.
Track Name: Torches to the Moon
i was wasted. i slipped away. put our memories on replay, threw the bottle back and i slipped away. down my throat like so much rain, through the gutters of my veins to shiver up my spine and back again. what's a little girl to do, holding torches to the moon, singing over and over "what am i to you?" things will move past eventually, past what i feel or think i see. and so will i, eventually.
Track Name: I Can't Stop
i can't stop. i have to go until i win. lost and found i'm addicted to your skin. maybe it's the blood, but i cried myself to sleep for you. take off the clothes that stand between. i need you naked next to me. this is all i have, but everything i am is yours.
Track Name: Over a Week
i am the sea. you sailed on me until you sunk. i haven't heard from you in over a week. the last you said, you were half dead, throwing up on the bus or in your bed. you waste no time, stood in line, swallowed a bottle of jameson in 5. god damn the man who saw you stumbling back, saw that you were fucked up and still took the money from your hand. you are asleep, i am awake. if you won't hear, then what can I say. but i will try to keep you alive, and when you ask why i'll always reply that i don't know, i just don't want to see you go. you'll always be something to me, all that shit about the sailboats on the sea. you might go, you might leave, but you'll always be inside of me. oh take your time, beautiful mind. beautiful mind, stay with me.
Track Name: Night of the Foxes
it's strange to feel and it's strange to care, to write about what isn't there, to stare cross-eyed into the sun and still feel like you haven't won. it's strange to see and it's strange to say, to know it has to go this way, to breathe it in and spit it out, and have your words just strewn about. it's strange to want and never get. it's strange to never get upset, to be the only to think that the thing that saves us makes us weak. it's strange to grow not up or down, but horizontal town to town. when more gets in than makes it out, it's strange, my god, that i am still around.
Track Name: Saturday Night
the button that you bend, your hand around the lens, the light that you let it. the movement of your mouth, the soft and subtle beauty in the way you talk about everything. you're sitting next to me. it's hard for me to breathe like i'm only 17. with your hand across my waist, the shadow of your face, i feel i've found my place next to you, next to me. in another time, an altered state of mind, you wake in the morning light, you'll wake in the morning light. you open up your arms.
Track Name: Think You May, Think You Might
i think you may, i think you might. that's why i cried in your car that night. your eyes were blank, my eyes were red, and upon your lap you held my head. my eyes cannot get much redder. i can't make you any better. kiss my face and say don't cry now, but you just said you want to die now. i still think you may, i think you might do like you said in your car that night, and who am i to keep you here? you made it clear: to every man his own. how i wish it wasn't this one. how i wish it wasn't you.