Of the Sea - Vol. 2

by Rose Droll

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recorded in my bedroom in seattle in 2011.

here's what these songs are about:

1. wine & roses: wine & roses
2. dinosaurs: a girl at an open mic
3. champ: first night back up north
4. all these things: a guy
5. white dove: my upbringing
6. passing through: an old friend
7. waiting for the sound: a different guy


released February 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Rose Droll San Francisco, California

we had a good time

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Track Name: Wine & Roses
well i once heard a wise man say that wine and roses will have their day but soon they will dissipate into the dream from which they came. i sit here and watch the screen. how gracefully the black and white scream, and still i take another drink and wash it down with what i think is me growing older. am i growing older? yes i'm growing older. i'll fly before i die.
Track Name: Dinosaurs
i hope she got what she deserved in trading laughter for her words on sucking dicks of dinosaurs to medicate her open sores. i hope that they appreciate her willingness to first degrade, then cross her legs and fold her hands and take a seat with her new fans. the beauty of this story is that beauty's not what one man gives, but rather what the other takes from someone else's strange mistakes. intentional or not at all, it's not who first jumps on the ball, but rather what the other sees when watching someone fall onto their knees. there's beauty in the aftershave, there's beauty in the adderall. the weak and tall, on knees they fall, and he who takes finds beauty in it all.
Track Name: Champ
your face is on my wall, if i turn my attention at all, but the color here is so numbingly bright, i might just stay this way all night. my friends have left this house. get beer because we all ran out, and i have got to get this idea down now cause when they come back, we are gonna drown out for the night. night fall, with the guy down the hall, with the broom on the wall like he always does like a champ. a stamp for a stamp. what a comfort it's been: my original sin. but your hand is on your head. 3 in the morning and you're drunk again. the drink, the fuck, fulfilling wills, it chills my spine. i'm delighted to find that this is the way it's been in my head, turned up and up again and again. the way way her memory spins, it makes me wonder where the fuck i've been.
Track Name: All These Things
all these things, they weigh on me like fallen leaves of mercury to drag my soul down to my feet. i'm trying hard to forget about you. you were great or you were shit. it doesn't really matter which cause with your city bird on me, it's mercury to always think of you. so go your way, make your jokes. point fingers laughing skirted girls, and drink until you can't remember me. take me off like i took to you. you scrape at where i stick like glue, but go your way and i will go mine too. just give me time to forget you.
Track Name: White Dove
i fly high like an eagle to forget that i'm a dove. to forget how you prophecied that i would rise above all the evils that like cancer kill the souls of the young. now i fly like an eagle because you made me a dove. and i'll fly like that eagle into the burning sun. knees locked, eyes crossed like you warned me of. and if i should live to see the mess i've become, i'll blame it on the soul you gave me: white, white dove. i'll blame it on the soul you gave me: white, white dove.
Track Name: Passing Through
brush it off. you've no need to look me in the eye. i'm with you now but i'm just passing by like a ghost into the night. don't be shy. yell loud enough so i may understand, you're yelling now but only as a friend. when i walk away, you win again. oh "i think i'm better than the rest", and "i think you're a no-good goddamn mess", "i don't ever let you in my head." it's not like you take all i say and twist it in the end. bottle caps and cigarettes and dishes cover countertops. emptying another can and grabbing for another one to show me all the ugly ways to which i've been so ignorant, cause when you drink you think you see my soul and know just all there is to know. and what a find. she really understands your complex mind. she'll wrap warm arms around you every time someone makes you sad inside. but where are you? where have you been, what do you want to do? what is my role and who am i to you? just a ghost passing through.
Track Name: Waiting for the Sound
i'm waiting for the sound of anything at all to come out of your mouth, but more and more and more, it looks like i was right, just like i always am. i want to see into your mind, but you just want my hand. i wasted all my time being so damned shy, thinking you might be more than just some guy, but it looks like wasted time, just like it always is. you've got nothing to say, and nothing to give. here we go again. the dance that i dance in my head and then wake to forget is as bled as a dead man chalked in cement. it's just the saddest game, the same sad story once again: that there was a time in your life when you should have asked why, but instead put some crown on your head or a mask on your face or a smile in its place, and it's sad cause by now you should have figured it out. it's just the saddest game, the same sad question posed again: is there anyone living or dead who can think with his head? i am waiting for a sign that anything at all is alive behind your eyes, but more and more and more, it looks like wasted time, just like it always is. you can't offer anything when you've nothing to give.