Of the Sea - Vol. 1

by Rose Droll

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Matthew Sai
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Matthew Sai So so so so so so so so good Favorite track: Thanks, Neighbor.
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recorded in my bedroom in seattle in 2011.

here's what these songs are about:

1. kitchen floor: a guy
2. i sat once: a friend
3. ghost: jeff tweedy
4. barcelona: vicky christina barcelona
5. safe bet: a different guy
6. park shark: a kid i used to babysit
7. thanks, neighbor: my neighbor
8. city by the sea: san francisco (with some classic sea/bay confusion)


released February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Rose Droll San Francisco, California

we had a good time

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Track Name: Kitchen Floor
with your back to the wall and your glass half full, an outstretched arm in the dark leads you up off the wooden floor. hand in hand, darkened hall. through the doorway you fall into sheets, into bed, arm in arm and head to head. where before you'd have stayed by the fridge on the floor, now you're more than ok to grab your boots and explore. let it sing in your head the song you sang days before while you wait for his hand to lead you up off the wooden floor.
Track Name: I Sat Once
said you wanted to die as we stood in the stair after church on a sunday. i was sunken and scared. you had planned out the night. so much shit had gone wrong. you were fourteen years old and done. i'm sorry i should have known. at fourteen, i crawled back home. my authority called me: there were books to be read, so i told you i loved you and left you damn near dead. neither one of us understands how to be a friend until we call crying again and again.
Track Name: Ghost
no break no pause. one ghostly haunting thought wrapped justified, laid out and given life. i love this man, pen in his lovely hand; his head of fire light up my eyes this tired brain, these fingers sore this 4/4, game exhausted score, this ring around a common rose (a colder play this record goes). we all know cause we've been told "you harvest what you cheaply sow"; a running on a gated track and once you start there ain't no turning back to shelves stocked full of all your half-ass rules of thumb and thought. it's only bad if you get caught accepting praise from the easily amazed. but what silent harm follows and outstretched arm?
Track Name: Barcelona
what makes one man do all that he can to be free while your hand lies idly under the weight of your ring? why do you stand in the sand still and wait for the sea to swallow your body and drag you out passionately? rolling around under brushes of blue brown and green, unclothe your lover and open your eyes to the spanish sea. what lay hidden is never as bad as you think cause beauty is you beauty is her beauty is him beauty is me.
Track Name: Safe Bet
in a safe place i run. in a safe place i hide from the shit you so lovingly threw in one night. i can close up my eyes just to shut out your face but your voice mountains over with such silken blades. all you ask is a word, all i say is a sigh. you keep reaching for what i keep brushing aside. it's me that you want for your storybook life but it's always the same story time after time. it's the safest of bets to say nobody won. there's a sun, there's a moon, and they're both moving on. they give nothing to keep and leave nothing behind as they move from the day to the devils of night. we've got beautiful hauntings of memories past, recollected with warmth from the first to the last, but no cosmic alignment that gives us our tie. it's just always the same story time after time.
Track Name: Park Shark
mary had a little lamb tattooed onto her arm that wraps around her little boy. she sends her love and then she's gone. i draw his bath and clean his face, dry his hair and make his bed, read what books lay on the shelf, turn to kiss his forehead. and he cries for his dad and his mom, all cuddled in his first-class cloth. says "when they coming home? i feel awful alone". i hug him and say "don't feel sad. sometimes they gotta leave what they love to work to feed your belly full, to buy you all those toys and trucks and then to send you off to school. but they love you, i swear. they tell me all the time. let's wipe off your tears cause you'll be fine. they'll be home soon to kiss you good night. and til you fall asleep i'll be right here by your side".

this song is for Parker.
Track Name: Thanks, Neighbor
someone called the manner out standing on the stair. says he don't got a mind of his own, so he'll pick a man and tear him limb from limb on the stair. all you say and all you know and all you wish to be benefits the theories that i wear upon my sleeve. i laugh and watch you leave. oh i know it's never you, it's always me. something turns my stomach in and out and all around knowing that you're worth the same walking round this town as lying in the ground.
Track Name: City by the Sea
take me to the dream of the city by the sea where pigeons pace the grounds, where the lost go to be found, where fog is thick like rain and the streets all smell the same: like being seventeen and dreaming of the city by the sea. going back and forth to the city by the bay, nervous like a child and i always want to stay. leaving is the hardest part of being far away. i'm older now but still cannot stop dreaming of the city by the bay. "take me to the stars" i say and close my eyes. i see the shining emblem of these countries in my mind but things they slow and time it goes; i fear i'm losing sight, but city by the sea you'll be for me by golden day and golden night. i see stars in bottles now and shelves house heavy dreams– makes it that much easier to see what's holding me. i still long for iceland, if i ever move my feet but for now i close my eyes and keep dreaming of the city by the sea.